Goalkeeper Training – 5 Excellent Tips

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Goalkeeper Training – Challenging and Rewarding!

Goalkeeper training is not as hard as many coaches might think. There are numerous, amazing tips that you can pass along to the goalkeeper. Here are a few of these tips.
1. Teach the goalkeeper to go for all kicks
When conducting goalkeeper training, the coach should teach the goalkeeper to make attempts at all shots. Though it may not be possible to stop the ball all the times, it can be helpful to attempt a block as this may avert more goals as the goalkeeper gets more practice.
2. Emphasize quick recovery after a saveGoalkeeper Training
In many cases, goalkeepers will be forced to the ground in order to make a save. In goalkeeper training, you cannot overemphasize the importance of getting back on one’s feet as fast as possible. This allows the goalkeeper enough time to prepare in case of another attack. It also portrays confidence, thereby intimidating the opponents.
3. Train the goalkeeper to give full effort every time
Even with the best goalkeeper training, it can be a definite loss for a team if the goalkeeper is half-hearted. Excellent training allows the goalkeeper to remember to keep the effort level at 100% and lead by example with the rest of the team. Half-effort will not stop shots; if anything, it can sometimes lead to serious injuries.
Goalkeeper Training4. Encourage the goalkeeper to communicate
Often times, with superb goalkeeper training, the goalkeeper is taught to be in a position to offer support and guidance to defenders. The goalkeeper is the quarterback on the field and the only player with the full field in his/her view. This communications is typically be through verbal instructions. It is essential for a goalkeeper to stay focused on the game, not just the goals.
5. Emphasize maintaining a positive attitude and ignore the score
In goalkeeper training, it is important to familiarize the goalkeeper with the possible outcomes. If a goal is scored against the goalkeeper, he or she should keep spirits and energy high to avoid additional goals. It is not a time to yell or hang one's head; it is a time to re-focus on the rest of the game.

One Key To Victory – Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper training is one of the simplest, yet engaging and sometimes challenging exercises a youth soccer coach can embark on. Bringing out the champion in an otherwise ordinary player can be the ultimate reward for goalkeeper training.

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