12 Tips For New Coaches in Youth Soccer in the Attack

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By Ken Long

If you spend $30 to buy a book on coaching youth soccer, it will be 200 pages of great advice that your girls cannot use. Your job as a coach is to reduce all that excellent advice into a set of rule sthat your players can remember in the middle of the game while they are running as fast as they can. This is no easy task for the inexperienced coach.

You should have your players maintain a soccer Journal and encourage them to study their notes in between practices. These offenses principles would make a nice one-page entry in their journal. These are the words that you should use in practice to make sure that they understand and apply the principles of offense.

Offensive principles for youth soccer:

When our team has the ball, your job is to:

1. Spread out and use all of the space on the field
2. Use your teammates to invincible
3. Support your fellow teammates and talk to them
4. Take the ball wide and be ready to pass
5. Carry the ball to the corner
6. Cross the ball to the center

7. If you don’t have the ball, go to the front of the goal
8. Midfielders connect the defenders to the attackers
9. Every time you have the ball you should be looking to score a goal
10. If the other team gets in your way, then you go around them
11. Make it easy for your teammates and pass it to.
12. Move to the player you just passed to in case they have to pass it back.

Soccer is called the beautiful game with good reason. It is deceptively simple, but it’s very easy to make it complicated especially for inexperienced coaches. We have to work hard to make it easy for a players especially when they’re just learning how to play. I believe this set of rules for coaching soccer in the attack will help you develop players who love the game.
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